UPS System installation to protect Waveney District Council’s new Lowestoft CCTV control centre

Digital CCTV Equipment Improves Suffolk Police Crime Figures

UPS Systems has supplied standby power for Lowestoft’s CCTV control centre, leading to a 54% success rate for video footage evidence

To help improve community safety and reduce crime in the East Anglian coastal town of Lowestoft, Waveney District Council transferred and relocated its CCTV control centre to its Operations Partner, Waveney Norse, and upgraded its surveillance cameras in the town centre and seafront areas.

During the construction of a new £190,000 control centre, the dated analogue recording system was replaced with digital CCTV recording and storage equipment.

UPS Systems worked closely with Quadrant Security Group (QSG) to ensure that, in the event of a power outage, the sensitive recording equipment remained operational, preventing the loss of valuable data.

The improved quality of digital images, supplied by the town’s 45 CCTV cameras, is helping network operator, Waveney Norse, provide Suffolk police with clearer visual evidence in the fight against crime.

The Requirement 

QSG is one of the UK’s largest independent security companies with over 30 years’ experience in providing integrated, end-to-end electronic security solutions to a variety of clients including local councils, police authorities, prisons and retail outlets.

Waveney Norse, a public services partnership between Waveney District Council and Norse, appointed QSG to update Lowestoft’s newly built CCTV control centre with the latest digital security equipment. The project included the installation of two 6.8 TB Synectics servers capable of storing up to 31 days’ worth of high-resolution digital CCTV footage.

QSG required a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that would maintain power and keep vital evidence-gathering equipment operational in the event of a power outage.

QSG also required a UPS system that was capable of initiating a controlled shut down of the recording equipment should an extended power outage of more than one hour occur.

Ensuring the UPS could be isolated and taken offline during scheduled maintenance, was also a key requirement.

The Solution

Based on QSG’s design brief, UPS Systems recommended a system that met the client’s needs and provided the necessary extended standby power required by Lowestoft District Council. This comprised a 10kVA (8kW) Riello unit with external battery cabinets to support the customer’s stated load for up to 60 minutes of standby power.

The system also included an external maintenance bypass switch and a NetMan 102 Plus SNMP slot-in card and network agent. This allows UPS management across a LAN using any of the main network communication protocols – TCP/IP, HTTP and network interface (SNMP).

Should a prolonged power outage occur then an automated signal is sent to the UPS, allowing a controlled shut down to take place. Power can then be restored in a controlled manner, avoiding potential power surges that could damage the sensitive recording equipment.

The Results

Lowestoft’s improved CCTV surveillance network has already helped Waveney Norse record more evidence of criminal behaviour.

Suffolk police has reported a significant increase in the amount of CCTV coverage obtained using the new system.

The out-dated analogue CCTV system provided a 30 percent success rate for material that could be used as court evidence.

Backed up with UPS Systems’ standby power equipment, Waveney Norse has reported an improved success rate of 54%.



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