Welsh Water Framework

“We believe a key factor in our ongoing success is our ability to offer impartial technical advice and deliver equipment which meets Welsh Water’s needs.” Tom Sperrey, UPS Systems plc.

View the full case study here: Welsh Water Framework

welsh water photo 3Welsh Water provide high quality drinking water for over three million people. They also treat and manage the waste water that is produced.

Standby power is necessary to provide emergency backup to Welsh Water’s vital infrastructure and communications systems, many of which are in extremely remote locations where access is difficult…

The Challenge

In October 2011, a four year framework agreement was awarded through the Official Journal of the European Union for UPS Systems plc to provide Welsh Water with UPS units. The original framework covered single phase UPS units up to 10 kVA and three phase UPS units from 20 kVA to 100 kVA. A range of accessories such as externally mounted bypass switches and communication interface cards were also included in the framework agreement. In addition, UPS Systems were required to keep the Welsh Water team up-to-date with information about new and innovative products as well as consulting on ways to reduce their standby power costs.

The Solution for Welsh Water

Over the four year period, UPS Systems were able to suggest innovative ways to enhance the framework. It became apparent early on that some of the UPS equipment would not be suitable for the damp and dusty conditions at certain Welsh Water sites.

The equipment was at risk of rusting, so a damp and dust protected enclosure was developed and installed where necessary. UPS Systems also replaced a number of Welsh Water’s existing UPS units that were aging and obsolete. Total cost of ownership (TCO) models were produced to highlight the reduced running costs associated with newer UPS units. Newer modules use less electricity and have a lower heat output than the older units and will therefore save Welsh Water money on both electricity costs and cooling services… view the full case study here: Welsh Water Framework

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