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  1. Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR-T 6kW Multi Phase Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator

    A powerful standby diesel generator designed for homes and businesses.
    Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai Generator diesel engine.
    Produces a maximum of 6kW.
    Uses ATS capabilities to automatically start and shut down during a power cut.
    Housed in a silenced case with a sound rating of just 70dB @ 7 metres.
    Economical to run and equipped with a 30L fuel tank.

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  2. Hyundai Generator DHY6000SE 5.2kW ‘Silent’ Standby Diesel Generator

    The DHY6000SE is one of the best selling products in the diesel generator market, providing efficient and reliable standby power to your premises whenever mains power is not available.

  3. Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR 6kW Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator

    The Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR is a powerful, reliable and economical standby diesel generator which is suitable to power your home or business during a power cut.

  4. Hyundai Generator DHY12500SE 10kW/12.5kVA 230v Mains Standby Silenced Diesel Generator

    This 10kw/12.5kVA diesel standby generator is ideal for home or business standby use. The Hyundai Generator twin cylinder air-cooled engine operates at a low noise level within the sound attenuating enclosure.

4 Items results

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