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System solutions rather than piecework When it comes to their requirements of an IT infrastructure, large and small companies are fairly similar: They both want to know that the maximum possible availability of their IT systems is assured. They want information and communication around the clock, 365 days a year and of course, the requirements of large and small companies are continually growing, at a rapid pace. In fact, they grow just as quickly as the companies themselves are expanding. Whereas in the past, technical changes and growth took years or even decades, these days evolution is happening on almost a monthly basis

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Hardware from a single mould - One-stop service When it comes to the protection of continuous business processes, there is a demand for comprehensive customer service and holistic security solutions. The buzzword here is integration RimatriX5 meets all your requirements in terms of cost ef?ciency, prevention and ?exibility without exception. You get a “well-rounded” complete solution, comprised of perfectly coordinated individual services which intermesh with each other. Business continuity instead of system failures:

  • Customised IT infrastructure from a single source
  • Short response times thanks to global customer proximity
  • Individual solutions with standardised modules
  • Requirement-based design due to the modular components
  • Software-based planning and con?guration
  • Flexible arrangement/con?guration thanks to a rack-optimised design
  • Servicing and expansion while the system is operational
  • Intelligent redundancy concepts with UPS and climate control
  • Optimum utilisation of space due to high packaging densities
  • Perfect interaction between security and remote management

To a large extent, the performance of any IT infrastructure is reliant upon interaction between individual components. With Rittal server racks, you have a system platform in which the climate control, power and security solutions are perfectly coordinated with one another, and the existing space optimised. The performance per IT rack is signi?cantly increased, and the ?xed costs are permanently reduced. Rittal RimatriX5 aims to maximise the ef?cient use of space. The IT racks may be ?exibly arranged, have a positive in?uence on TCO, and help to cut the on-going operating costs per rack. The heart is the TS 8 system platform, proven a million times over. The stable frame structure of the TS 8 facilitates simple, versatile installation with a high packaging density for servers, storage, switching etc.

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