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Riello Sentinel Pro 2.2KVA (SEP 2200)

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The Riello Sentinel Pro is an on-line double-conversion UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) offering the highest levels of reliability and protection for critical servers, voice and data processing IT systems.

This Riello-UPS will last an hour with a 250 Watt load. That's enough to run your average desktop computer for an hour!

6 minutes runtime without an additional battery pack.

Alternatively, you can add battery packs to increase the runtime. You can choose 16 mins at full load, 31 mins at full load or 58 minutes at full load.

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For long runtime applications, the Riello Sentinel Pro 2.2KVA can be fitted with matching battery extension packs which also include additional battery boost chargers. Riello Sentinel Pro 2.2KVA Pro UPS also have USB communication ports as standard, with a built-in expansion slot for additional adapters, protocol converters and relate contact cards.
The UPS is highly efficient. Riello Sentinel Pro 2.2KVA Pro is designed to save energy and has a power-off push-button feature to reduce energy consumption to zero, when no load is connected or switched off

Operating flexibility
Emergency function
Battery optimisation
Runtime expandability
Reduced noise
Programmable cold-start from battery
Input protection with fuse which can be reset
On-Line (VFI)
Advanced communication, multiplatform, for all operating systems and network environments, Powershield3 supervision and shut-down software included for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and VMware ESX operating systems and other Unix operating systems

More Information
Weight 25.600000
Application Servers and Networking
Standalone / Modular Standalone
System Brand Riello UPS
kVA 0-10 KVA
Product Type Single In - Single Out, Three In - Single Out
Form Factor Standalone
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