Why do you need Backup Power for your Data Centre?

22nd June 2018

It is critically important that your data centre has 100% availability....

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Why should you have a service contract?

15th June 2018

  You have bought a UPS and your systems are protected....

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What is an Edge Data Centre?

23rd May 2018

Typically data centres have been very large and expensive facilities costing...

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How to keep on running during a power cut

15th May 2018

While at the Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo 2018, UPS...

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What is a Generator?

9th May 2018

If you’re here, then you’re wondering, what is a generator? And...

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Join us at the Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo 2018!

16th April 2018


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Emergency Power for Lighting and Lifts

11th April 2018

  When it comes to emergency power for things like lighting...

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Liebert GXT4

23rd March 2018

  Order your Liebert GXT4 here. Please contact us here if you...

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