Computer and server room standby power solutions

Uninterruptible power supplies and generators to protect IT infrastructures

IT is at the heart of every modern business. In order to function, organisations are now dependent on their desktop PCs, servers, data storage devices, networks, routers and security systems.Data image

Computer Rooms, the home of IT, need continuous, consistent and reliable power supplies; the integrity of the data they hold is crucial to the success of every business. As such, it’s essential that the electrical supply that powers critical systems are always clean and reliable, otherwise, the result could be costly downtime and possible data corruption or loss.

Protecting your IT infrastructure

We supply power protection solutions for every size of computer room, from one-on-one UPS protection for individual workstations, through to major network nodes, servers and storage devices, giving comprehensive protection for a complete site.

Focusing on your specific requirements, and utilising our relationships with all the major manufacturers, our sales engineers will recommend the best power solutions available to you. The result? Instead of having to train your staff as power protection professionals, we’ll advise you or even manage the project on your behalf.

If 24/7 non-stop power must be guaranteed, we can provide systems with extended runtimes or matched UPS and generators. Should you be unable to gain planning permission for a conventional generator, or should it be unsuitable to your working environment, we can provide UPS solutions that will sit in the computer room adjacent to your servers.

Our Expertise

As specialists (since 1993) in Standby Power for IT infrastructures, we’re proud of our independence of any product manufacturer. The depth and breadth of our product expertise, combined with our extensive knowledge of IT requirements, ensure that you will receive a solution tailored to your specific needs.

For total peace-of-mind, we can provide a complete computer and server room standby power solution that includes site survey, solution design, installation project management, maintenance and remote monitoring of your UPS or generator.

For assistance in choosing the right Standby Power solution for your business please contact us directly, use our Live Chat facility (during UK business hours), leave your enquiry details on our Contact Form or let us call you back.

Computer Room Specifications

Power fluctuations, even momentarily, can cause a server to crash. An on-line UPS will maintain your power by switching instantaneously to batteries in the event of a mains failure, or even just a dip in power (‘brown-out’). It will also condition the power to reduce unwanted spikes or harmonics that may interfere with your systems.

Some UPS are designed to allow a controlled shut-down of the IT servers whilst others may be used with a standby generator to allow the facility to continue operating.

A static bypass is fitted to almost all On-line UPS to form a second line of defence and a maintenance bypass, known more descriptively as a wraparound bypass, can be fitted externally to the UPS, enabling it to be isolated for maintenance or repair without interrupting power to the infrastructure.

Parallel Redundant UPS (often called N+1 Redundancy) solutions are ideal for IT environments where the design is complementary to RAID arrays and hot-standby file servers. Originally only available on very large UPS this technology has recently become available at lower power ratings and the price differential is now very acceptable. View our section on Parallel Redundant UPS.

Power Distribution

Power to computer and Telecomms equipment, increasingly ‘twin-corded’ to give dual power supplies, is divided into sub-circuits protected by breakers to protect against overload.

Power requirements are becoming even more important when used with LAN racks, server racks, server cabinets, relay racks, telecom racks, rackmount wall mount racks and other types of racking. Power is becoming more specialised as it relates to the hardware used.

A master PDU (Power Distribution Unit) will control all distribution of power within the facility, lighting and general power. Static switches allow ‘no-break’ switching. Isolation transformers eliminate harmonic interference.

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