Data Centres and high availability systems

UPS Systems have been supplying data centre solutions for large computer rooms and Data Centres since 1993 and recognise the unique challenges they face.
We can supply power protection for every size of computer room, from one-on-one UPS protection for single servers, through to major network nodes and server rooms, giving comprehensive protection for a complete site.

UPS Systems maintains what is arguably the UK’s largest database of Standby Power solutions from all major suppliers. Combined with our expertise in Standby Power and large-scale IT implementations, we are uniquely able to configure Data Centre solutions for every requirement.

Data Centres …

Environmentally controlled, centralised facilities that provide business services by securely delivering applications and data across networks to remote users.

Ten years ago, 70% of the total cost of acquisition and management of servers was in the capital cost of the hardware. Now, 70% of the cost of managing servers revolves around power and cooling. Source: IDC

By 2008, 50% of Data Centres will have insufficient power and cooling capacity to meet the demands of high-capacity equipment. Source: Gartner

Cooling systems often account for as much as 37% of Data Centre electricity use. For every degree less of heat that Data Centre equipment generates, 4% is saved on cooling costs. Source: Sun Microsystems

The Requirement

Data Centres face unique challenges; the level of security, redundancy, power, cooling, fire suppression and availability are all measures by which they are evaluated.

One of the biggest problems faced by management is that of power delivery. Servers are becoming more powerful whilst shrinking in size. Server prices continue to drop and the demand for more and more servers increases. Although servers are doubling their computing capacity every 18 months (Moore’s law), there’s no evidence of any significant reduction in power consumption. As a result, modern Data Centres are consuming more and more watts per square metre. This creates new challenges for the IT Director and Facilities Manager: how to meet the needs of both power delivery and cooling.

The emergence of equipment such as 1U blade servers and high-density storage systems means the cooling capabilities of Data Centres are being strained as never before. 2.2 metre high racks now consume enormous power, easily topping 20kW today. For every watt of power used by Data Centre IT equipment, another watt or more is typically expended in removing waste heat. As a result, a 20kW rack can generate a total need for more than 40kW of power.

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Reducing Data Centre Power Consumption

While average Data Centre power consumption (per server rack) has doubled over the past three years, IT and facilities managers are seeking additional computing capacity, whilst controlling power consumption.

A new breed of high-capacity off-line UPS systems is now available. Designed specifically for Data Centres, these products typically consume between 10% and 15% less power than conventional on-line UPS and can switch from mains power to the system’s standby batteries in less than 4 milliseconds – of no consequence to modern IT systems, which will not be affected. Typically such a solution can save over £50,000 per annum per MW of installed power in energy efficiency when compared to equivalent on-line double conversion UPS. This equates to 600 tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions per annum.

Data Centre Power Solutions

UPS Systems offer power solutions for large computer rooms and Data Centres including UPS, power management and distribution, racked enclosures, air-conditioning/airflow and access control to achieve the level of availability required.

We’re also able to deliver matched power generation whether fuelled by diesel, natural gas or petrol.

Please view Turnkey IT Infrastructure Projects to see a full list of the Data Centre solutions we can supply.

To give you total peace-of-mind, we deliver total power solutions that include everything you will need from site surveys, sizing and system design; to delivery, installation and commissioning; with after-sales support in the form of UPS and generator monitoring, health checks, maintenance contracts, battery replacement and disposal.

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