Domestic Generators

Having backup power for your home is essential in the event of long-term power cuts or extreme weather. Everyone is sometimes guilty of taking electricity in our homes for granted.

Having a domestic generator on standby is crucial for ensuring you have backup power in order to keep your home running should your usual power supply be cut. This will keep your essential appliances running throughout any power outage, meaning you can still enjoy the majority of your home comforts without any interruption.

Domestic standby generators are normally connected to the property’s consumer unit and will start automatically when power fails. This ensures that in the event of a power cut, the domestic generator will automatically start and begin powering your home again. 

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UPS Systems ensure that your investment in a domestic generator is properly installed, commissioned and operates as it is designed to. Not only that but we ensure your domestic generator has been signed off by fully certified NICEIC electricians.

Once a year it is a good idea to service your home’s domestic generator to make sure it is in peak operating condition. For customers who buy a domestic generator, we offer service contracts so you can be certain ti will be there when you need it.

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We offer generators from a range of manufacturers including AKSA GeneratorsHyundai Generators and Pramac Generators.

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