Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS

The Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS provide the lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability in their UPS system power range. No matter what your critical application, Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS range offers the power performance, scalability, resiliency and efficiency you need for cost efficient business continuity.


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Whatever the changing conditions and however quickly they change the Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS range are designed to maintain a steady, uninterrupted and clean power supply. This market-leading resiliency is the result of advanced technologies built-in to the Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS:

  • Hot Swap and Hot Scalable
    • A module can be replaced while the other continues protecting the load (concurrent maintenance)
    • A module can be added while the other continues protecting the load (hot scalable)
    • Individual battery strings can be serviced while other strings are supporting the load
  • Patented Hot Sync technology allows load sharing without the need for communication between inverters – eliminating a single point of failure
  • Advanced Battery Management to extend the lifetime of the batteries


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The Eaton UPS 91Ps and 93PS features scalable architecture so can be used to pay as you grow to minimise Capital Expenditure as this UPS system allows paralleling of up to 4 units. The Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS inherent redundancy modular design allows internal redundancy, ensuring it is always running when you need it to be. 

This unit has the smallest footprint in the market, but provides significantly more in a smaller package, with a footprint of only 0.25 m² for the smaller frame (8-20 kW) and 0.36 m² for the large frame (8-40 kW).

The Eaton UPS 91 PS and 93PS is equipped with an ultra-rapid fuse in the Static Switch, which ensures safety in all scenarios. as well as a backfeed contactor with no need for additional instalments.


The Eaton UPS 91PS and 93PS and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software suite takes the resiliency of this UPS system to the next level by bridging
the electrical and IT infrastructure. This allows you to control your UPS IT and electrical infrastructure management from a single screen. The Eaton Intelligent Power Management system also allows load shedding. This can be used to drop 50%of the load equates to supply 250% more runtime!

Key applications:

  • IT applications:
    • Server rooms
    • Localised Data centres
  • Mission critical applications:
    • Manufacturing/Industrial facilities
    • Transportation
    • Retail Buildings
    • Healthcare
    • Telecomm
    • Government

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UPS Systems plc offer the full range of Eaton UPS. Alternatively we also are a distributor APC UPSVertiv UPS and Riello UPS.

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