UK businesses deserve the peace of mind that in the event of a sustained electrical disruption, their company can operate unaffected.  This is why UPS Systems has a wide selection of standby generators. Our independent and unbiased consultative approach ensures whatever power solution we provide is the optimal choice for you and your business.

A standby generator operates more like an uninterruptible power supply than a conventional generator. Equipped with an automatic transfer switch, as soon as the main supply of power is disrupted the standby generator will activate and ensure that you retain continuity of power in the event of a power disruption. As soon as the power returns, the generator will switch over to the mains power and return to standby mode until the next power outage.

Ensuring you have an uninterruptible power supply in the event of an emergency is a vital first step in protecting yourself and your business from power failure. However, if the disruption continues for a sustained period then your UPS may run through its supply of batteries. Be prepared for this eventuality by installing a well-integrated UPS generator that guarantees you power to outlast whatever problem you may face. By working in tandem with a compatible UPS, you can be covered for any eventuality.

Whether you need a generator for personal use, or a 3 phase generator for industrial work, we have the right generator for you and the specialist knowledge to ensure that your UPS and generator will be completely compatible.

By consulting with our technical sales team, our 25 years of expertise will ensure your generator is the right fit for you. Factors such as surge current, synchronisation, harmonics, operating temperature and future capacity are all considered to make sure the generator perfectly supports your emergency power needs.

If you need long term power solutions in the event of disruption, a standby generator is a good addition to any existing UPS plans.

See below for the full list of standby generators we have available.

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  1. Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR-T 6kW Multi Phase Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator

    A powerful standby diesel generator designed for homes and businesses.
    Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai Generator diesel engine.
    Produces a maximum of 6kW.
    Uses ATS capabilities to automatically start and shut down during a power cut.
    Housed in a silenced case with a sound rating of just 70dB @ 7 metres.
    Economical to run and equipped with a 30L fuel tank.

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  2. The DHY6000SE is one of the best selling products in the diesel generator market, providing efficient and reliable standby power to your premises whenever mains power is not available.

  3. The Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR is a powerful, reliable and economical standby diesel generator which is suitable to power your home or business during a power cut.

  4. This 10kw/12.5kVA diesel standby generator is ideal for home or business standby use. The Hyundai Generator twin cylinder air-cooled engine operates at a low noise level within the sound attenuating enclosure.

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