Emerson Products




UPS Systems is a key Emerson partner and can provide standby power solutions from their full range of products including those from Chloride and the original Liebert ranges.

We supply the full range of Emerson products including:
  • PSP
  • PSA
  • PSI
  • PSI-XR
  • GXT3
  • APM
  • APS
  • Chloride 80-Net
  • NX
  • NXC
  • Nfinity
  • A comprehensive range of service, maintenance and monitoring programmes also available on all ranges.

For more details on the Emerson, Chloride and Liebert product range and pricing please Contact us

UPS Systems product ranges:

As a completely independent supplier, our strength lies in our ability to provide the best product solution to match your exact requirements. With no allegiance to any single manufacturer, we are able to select those products from our portfolio which are the best fit for your needs and budgets.

From our constantly updated product database of over 2500 products, our unique consultative approach will help select the ideal solution for your power needs at the most cost-effective level for your business.

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