Hyundai Diesel Generator Ethernet Configuration

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Connect your diesel generator to the properties' broadband. Uses a hard wired ethernet connection. Control your generator with a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Must be ordered with a compatible generator.

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This ethernet configuration allows you to remotely control your Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generator via a PC, laptop or mobile phone. A hard wired ethernet connection is established with the properties' broadband router, allowing you to interface with your generator whilst connected to that network.
Includes installation and configuration guide.

Must be ordered with a compatible generator.

The following Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generators can be fitted with this ethernet configuration:

  • Hyundai DHY9KSEm
  • Hyundai DHY11KSEm
  • Hyundai DHY18KSEm
  • Hyundai DHY22KSEm
  • Hyundai DHY28KSEm
  • Hyundai DHY14KSE
  • Hyundai DHY11KSE
  • Hyundai DHY22KSE
  • Hyundai DHY28KSE
  • Hyundai DHY34KSE
  • Hyundai DHY60KSE
  • Hyundai DHYD90KSE
  • Hyundai DHYD120KSE
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Weight 1.0000
Generator Brand Hyundai
Generator Application Accessory

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