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Hyundai Generator DHY65KSE 1500rpm Three Phase Diesel 60kVA Generator

The Hyundai Generator DHY65KSE is a three phase diesel generator with a maximum output of 48kW/60kVA. Designed for domestic or professional use, the DHY65KSE is powered by a 56hp HY4D85Z-D20 diesel engine and is equipped an AVR alternator to produce clean energy. This means that any sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions, PCs and laptops can safely be powered by the DHY65KSE.

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Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai Generator diesel engine, the DHY8000SELR has a maximum output of 6kW, which is 0.8kW more than the DHY6000SE. It features the same AVR alternator which produces clean energy, enabling safe use of this generator with sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions, laptops, PCs and more. Although it won't be able to run everything it allows more essential home items to continue running in the event of a power cut when the National Grid fails.

The DHY8000SELR is ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) compatible and can be connected to an ATS system for maximum convenience. When the ATS module detects a loss of power from the mains supply it simply powers your generator up automatically, then shuts it off when it detects power returning from the mains. This is also an electric start diesel generator, with a simple turn of the key being all that's required to start or stop the machine when controlled manually.

Housed in silenced casing, the DHY8000SELR is a very quiet machine and won't disturb you, your family or your employees when powering your building. With a sound rating of 70dB @ 7 metres you will seldom hear the generator while it's at work.

The DHY8000SELR is also economical to run, using roughly 1L of diesel every hour. With a 30L fuel tank this means you can get more than a days' worth of usage out of the machine before refuelling is required. Since the DHY8000SELR can run on red diesel, which is significantly cheaper than the diesel you put in to your car, you also save a lot of money there too.

For information on how to properly maintain this diesel generator, please view our diesel generator maintenance checklist here.

Designed for standby use. For Continuous power supply, we recommend a 1500rpm diesel generator.

More Information
Weight 1250.0000
Generator Brand Hyundai Generator
Generator kVA 20-80 KVA
Generator Application Industrial
RPM 1500 RPM
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