REMO Net - Software systems and remote monitoring for UPS and Generators

How Software can Help

Close down software

Close-down software is essential when servers are expected to run unmanned, as usually happens when they are left running overnight. Close-down software will respond to a communication from the UPS and will typically broadcast a warning message to users, then wait a specified period of time before performing an orderly close down of the system. Depending upon the facilities offered, the software may offer the ability to close down applications as well as performing a file system shutdown.

Remote Net Monitoring for UPS units

As systems become more and more complex and more and more reliance is placed on them, monitoring software is becoming a vital inclusion into the IT and standby power system. Providing up-to-the-minute data on all aspects of a system as well as providing alarms if systems malfunction, monitoring systems can provide as little or as much information as the IT manager requires.

All modern UPS and generators will have the capacity to provide data to remote monitoring equipment and by including a sophisticated product such as Remo Net from UPS Systems will provide peace of mind that the system is ready to operate should it be needed and that it is being watched 24/7 by a service team ready to act should a problem be identified.

You can download information about REMO Net here.

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REMO Net allows monitoring of all avaliable UPS systems and generators from a variety of manufacturers including Riello UPS, Vertiv UPS, APC UPS, Eaton UPS, Pramac generator, Hyundai generator, AKSA generator and more.

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