The IT Professional’s guide to standby power

Welcome to the IT Professional’s Guide to Standby Power, a series of relevant, informative and impartial guides to Standby Power

Written to explore the power protection concerns faced by IT decision makers, this Guide will provide independent advice on the Standby Power topics most commonly questioned.

Our goal is to bring you, the IT professional, exactly the kind of information you need: balanced and manufacturer-neutral guides that simplify the planning of power protection for IT infrastructures and Data Centres.


A Glossary of Standby Power Terminology

Part 1 – Planning your Standby Power Requirements

Part 2 – Potential Power Quality Problems

Part 3 – Sizing Generators

Part 4 – Specifying UPS

Part 5 – Matching a generator to your UPS

Part 6 – Making the right generator choices

Part 7 – How to ensure your batteries don’t fail

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