Marine Approved UPS

UPS system can't always be placed away for hostile environments and must sometimes be placed where they may be exposed to water. 

We offer a range of Marine Certified AC UPS systems ranging from 1kVA up to 1100kVA plus our 25 years experience and maintenance services have made us experts in marine and offshore UPS solutions. 

Our range of marine approved UPS is here.



What makes a Marine Approved UPS?

The standard commercial UPS modules are modified to meet more demanding marine requirements including:

  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Deck/Bulkhead Fixing Assembly
  • Ruggedisation
  • Transformers for isolating mains and custom voltages
  • Certification to Lloyds: DNV, ABS, etc
  • Customer specific factory acceptance tests
  • Long Life Battery Modules
  • and most importantly higher Ingress Protection of IP22
You can view our range of marine approved UPS here.

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