Hyundai 64mm Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust Extension (2m)

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Hyundai 64mm Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust Extension (2m)

£87.60 (£73.00 without VAT)

64mm diameter
Stainless steel polygonal hose
Length of 2m


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This is a 64mm diameter stainless steel polygonal flexible exhaust pipe for coupling with larger diesel generator sets. Currently, this unit will fit most Hyundai 1500RPM units, and SDMO units up to the J65K, but some units can have a larger exhaust pipe for venting purposes, so it is always worth checking the bore size before buying.
The unit is supplied as is, and does not include the clamp or bolt required to fit it to the genset. This must be supplied by the end user, and fitted at source to ensure the integrity of the clamp. Although we do not supply the clamp, we can suggest an exhaust u-bolt or similar, as a suitable fitting for this pipe.
NB. This exhaust extension is designed to provide an adequate means of funneling harmful emissions and fumes to a suitable outdoor environment, however it IS NOT designed to protect life, and should NOT be used to vent exhaust fumes out from an environment where human or animal life may dwell, and therefore be put in danger.

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