Riello UPS Net Power NPW

The Riello UPS Net Power is a line interactive UPS system that is designed for protecting computers, peripherals, and home entertainment equipment against both power failures and mains fluctuations.

This UPS system is available in a power range of 600-2000 VA, it provides additional protection because of sophisticated automatic voltage stabilisation technology which filters the mains supply and reduces the risk of sags, surges, and brownouts. In addition, the Riello UPS Net Power has a cold start feature which allows the UPS to be turned on without the need for mains supply.


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Riello UPS Net Power NPW

The Riello UPS Netwpower has  many advantages including: 

  • Automatic voltage stabilisation reduces the risk of sags, surges, and brownouts
  • Cold Start capability enables operation without any mains supply
  • Built-in battery testing for added reliability

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Net Power offers your home and office devices automatic voltage protection which, safeguards against unstable mains supply by balancing out any sags, surges, or brownouts, in addition to battery backup in case of power failure.

This UPS system is equipped with a Cold Start function that enables the unit to power up even in the absences of any mains supply. 

The Riello UPS Net Power also has built-in battery testing enhances overall system reliability. 

The Riello UPS Net Power is fully-compatible with Riello UPS advanced PowerShield3 communications software, which makes it easy to safely shut down any connected equipment when there are issues with the mains supply.

Suitable for:

  • Individual computers
  • Office equipment
  • Home entertainment

You can download the datasheet for the Riello UPS Net Power here.

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If the Riello UPS Net Power isn't what you are looking for, you can find our full Riello UPS range here. Alternatively we offer Eaton UPSAPC UPS and Vertiv UPS, as well as may other suppliers.



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