Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW

The Riello UPS Sentinel Tower (STW) is designed to be used in not only the IT sector, but anywhere that critical equipment needs power protection. This Riello UPS range includes single in/out version at 5/6 kVA and single in/out or three in/ one out 8/10 kVA. The load is continuously supported by inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised against any power disruptions.

The Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW is now available and is one of the best UPS systems on the market today.


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Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW
Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW Rear

The Sentinel Tower has the following specs:

  • High quality output voltage
    • Even with non-linear loads (IT loads with a crest factor of up to 3:1).
    • High short circuit current on bypass.
    • High overload capacity: 150% by inverter (even with mains failure).
    • Filtered, stabilised and reliable voltage (double conversion on-line technology - VFI compliant with EN62040-3), with filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances.
    • Power factor correction: UPS input power factor close to 1 and sinusoidal current uptake.

    Simplified installation
    • UPS can be installed on a single-phase or three-phase distribution network STW 8000 and STW 10000.
    • Output terminal board + 2 IEC sockets for powering local consumers (computers, devices, etc.).
    • Simplified positioning (built-in castors).

    High battery reliability
    • Automatic and manual battery test.
    • Proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct UPS operation in emergency conditions. The Riello UPS battery care system consists of a series of features and capabilities to optimise battery management and obtain the best performance and operating life possible.
    • Unlimited extendible runtime using matching Battery Boxes.
    • The batteries do not cut in during mains failures of <20 ms (high hold up time) or when the input supply is between 184 V to 276 V.




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If the Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW isn't what you are looking for, you can find the full Riello UPS range here. Alternatively we offer Eaton UPSAPC UPS and Vertiv UPS, as well as may other manufacturers.

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