Protecting your business with a standby power Strategy

Can you continue doing business if the power fails?

Based on estimates, a single hour of downtime costs a small business an average of £800 and a large commercial organisation £8,500. These estimates are not inclusive of costs incurred by damaged IT equipment (an occasional side-effect of power cuts).

The office workplstandby power strategyace remains at most risk of power cut induced downtime, accounting for 80% of disruptions.

Essentially, our grid power is becoming less reliable – and many businesses are not taking enough measures to protect themselves from power cuts and other sources of power failure.

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A power cut does not ‘only’ affect IT and other associated equipment but can have knock-on effects on many other areas of a business such as:

Investing in a Standby Power Strategy

Our experience shows that whilst IT equipment is often covered by an uninterruptible power supply, more and more of our customers are investing in a standby power strategy to cover much more than IT as part of their business continuity programme.

Extending the capacity of, or introducing multiple UPS, and incorporating long-term backup power from a generator allows a business to cover all of their ongoing power needs allowing uninterrupted business in the event of a mains or grid power failure.

For information on how UPS Systems can provide cover for both critical and all of your operational systems please contact us.