Equipment relocation

Thinking of moving offices, premises or having a major re-organisation? Then you’ll need to think about moving your standby power system.

Premises moves are an expensive disruption that no-one wishes for, so they’re only carried out for very good reasons. Responsibility for the move is often given to a trusted member of your management team. The last thing they’ll need is someone letting your company down.

We hope that you’ll call us well in advance to advise on standby power at the new location. If you’re moving for expansion, this may be a good time to upgrade your existing standby power system – moves can be expensive, and the easiest and least expensive time to install a new system is before you move in!

Careful Planning – A smooth move is the result of careful planning and forethought, with attention to detail and safe working procedures as primary considerations. Our engineers will analyse the move in detail first, making site surveys at each location. They’ll double-check doorway dimensions and the weight limitations of your lifts. They’ll make sure that corridors, stairs and floors used to move the equipment are up to the job. They’ll ensure that the proposed location is within environmental tolerances for the equipment concerned, and that power supply and distribution subsystems are appropriate for the incoming equipment. A risk assessment and method statement can then be drawn up in consultation with your project manager.

Structural Considerations

Where the specifications of load-bearing floors are in doubt, we can employ the services of a structural engineer on your behalf. If additional support is required, we can arrange to have it built and installed for you.

Delivery and Offload

We employ specialist transport companies with the equipment and experience necessary to move heavy, delicate loads properly and our project managers liaise with them to ensure timetables are adhered to on the day.

Reconnection and Commissioning

Finally, we reconnect and re-commission your equipment, review and update your maintenance details (and our own records!) and hand the installation over to you.

To discuss your equipment relocation requirements or to request service information or pricing, please contact our service team via the telephone or our online web form.

We supply new UPS systems and generators from a large range of manufacturers including Riello UPSEaton UPSVertiv UPSAPC UPSAKSA generatorsHyundai generators and Pramac generators, please contact us to discuss your requirement. 


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