Standby Power Maintenance and Service Contracts

Most of our customers take the view that having a standby power maintenance contract is crucial. If there’s a power failure – mains or internal – you can rest assured that your UPS will be there to provide backup power, keeping valuable computer systems alive and maintaining your essential services. However, like any other major asset, these units need to be serviced regularly to ensure they’re ready when you need them and haven’t developed any faults.

We’re often asked about the difference between a maintenance contract and a manufacturer’s warranty. In simple terms the differences are:

•A standby power maintenance contract is a service provided by UPS Systems plc that guarantees a rapid response of 4 hours, 24×7, an annual service where parts and labour can be included if repair is necessary.

•A manufacturer’s warranty does not guarantee an engineers response time to site if a fault should arise – whereas a maintenance contract does.

•A manufacturer’s warranty does not offer a service visit to ensure the smooth running of the unit(s), whereas a maintenance contract does.

UPS Servicing

Every UPS needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating correctly and that its batteries are in good working order. As a minimum, a maintenance contract provides reassurance of knowing that an engineer is available when needed. Some customers are content with a simple annual subscription which guarantees the availability of an engineer within a given timeframe. Others prefer a more comprehensive service. A tailored UPS Systems service contract can address all needs.

Diesel Generators and Large UPS

For diesel generators, and for uninterruptible power supplies systems over 3kVA it’s normal practice to have an engineer check the equipment at least annually to change air filters, oil filters and oil where applicable, clean out accumulated dust and ensure correct running of the equipment.

During the visit, the engineer will check the output levels of different lines and signals. These are logged and compared with data collected on previous visits to identify any potentially faulty components so repairs can be undertaken prior to failure.

Standby Power Maintenance Plans

There are a range of maintenance plans to suit every customer requirement from simple repair through to 24 hours 365 days a year service contracts with guaranteed response times to site.

A maintenance contract can normally be established very quickly. Where a unit is out of its warranty period we normally request that an initial pre-contract inspection visit is carried out prior to commencement. Once this is completed, a contract can be effective almost immediately.

Our basic maintenance scheme incorporates:

An agreement may include any of the following (and more besides!)

Multi-Vendor Support

What really makes us different is our ability to provide support, not only across mixed configurations of UPS and generators but across the product ranges of most equipment manufacturers. We are a natural source of service for companies with multi-vendor equipment who require a single point of contact to support all their standby power systems.

To discuss any aspect of servicing or maintenance, request service information sheets or pricing, please contact our service team via the telephone, our online web form or let us call you back.