marine approved

Power disruptions can be inconvenient when on land, potentially even dangerous, but the risks in open water of unexpected power loss can be catastrophic. We here at UPS Systems have a longstanding reputation for supplying marine-approved uninterruptible power supplies and working in concert with Marine Electrical Installations Limited to provide a specialised Marine UPS unit that’s guaranteed to deliver on cost and reliability.

When at sea, there are multiple mission critical pieces of equipment that it is paramount do not fail. Particularly, for vessels, navigational equipment such as an electronic chart display and information system are essential for safe operation. Electronic ‘noise’ can be a hazard that disrupts this equipment and any UPS will need to bear this in mind in order to be safe marine use.

For that reason, marine UPS units are specialised in order to best suit the unique challenges of marine environments. This can be seen in models such as the Eaton 9130 marine UPS that comes both DNV and ABS type-approved. Designed to be resilient, easily secured and equipped with filters to limit electronic noise, it’s a great example of what to look for in a UPS.

But it’s not the only one! With 25 years of experience and a specialist partner, you can be confident that the solutions we provide will meet the unique challenges of keeping your marine based power up in the event of disaster.

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