Which products are best to use for edge data centres?

Edge data centres provide a range of benefits to any enterprise. By moving data closer to the users that need it, businesses can save on transfer costs, reduce latency, increase productivity and improve security. Using Rittal’s micro data centre products your business can implement a simple and cost-effective edge solution. These modular units are easy to configure and can be delivered and online within weeks.

For large organisations that have high bandwidth requirements, micro data centre installations are the most appropriate way to take advantage of the benefits of moving data to the edge. This involves the installation of server equipment into branches or offices rather than relying on centrally hosted data. Rittal’s range of high quality, scalable micro data centre solutions make it easy for businesses of all sizes to bring their data on premises.

Implementing edge for enterprise

For businesses that are used to using cloud services or colocated data centres, specifying and installing data equipment can seem daunting. Offices designed without integrated server rooms can often lack the infrastructure needed to ensure data can be served and stored safely and securely. Constructing suitable space from scratch can be complex and costly.

However, Rittal’s range of high quality, off-the-shelf solutions make this process much easier. These integrated solutions offer a robust, flexible base for you to build your own edge data centre implementation.

Rittal’s range offers scalable products to suit installations of all sizes, from single racks to a complete pre-fabricated data centre.

Rittal’s Micro Data Centre system is a range of integrated infrastructure products that can be installed almost anywhere. They combine the ease of a prefabricated unit with the flexibility to deliver on the specific needs of your business. Built around a standard rack, the Micro Data Centre includes everything you need to host your data safely and securely in a single product.

The RiMatrix S range is a complete pre-fabricated data centre available in a range of simple, modular configurations. Available as a self-contained unit of 6-18 42U racks, the RiMatrix S makes implementing an on-premises data centre simple, even for the most data intensive business.


Small-scale micro data centre installations

Rittal’s Micro Data Centre range offers a modular system that can grow with your requirements. Each rack provides a self-contained system that can be configured with all the key components of a robust system including:

• integrated climate control

• power supply and distribution

• fire detection and suppression

• monitoring and security system.

Available in two levels depending on your security and availability needs, these products offer a compact and extendible solution for moving your data to the edge.

The Rittal Level B security safe offers a basic level of protection from physical threats and is light enough to be used in a wide variety of locations.

The Rittal Level E security safe offers a higher level of protection against dust, water and unauthorised access where data security and business continuity are key concerns.

The benefits of a Rittal micro data centre

Rittal’s pre-designed and fully integrated package offers a range of benefits that will support your business in implementing an edge data strategy.

Fast deployment

The Micro Data Centre is fully integrated, with all the infrastructure contained within the safe’s cabinet. This means that no separate room is required and no additional infrastructure needs to be installed.

Because the package is pre-designed and ready to be assembled, a Micro Data Centre can be deployed at your premises within 4 weeks of ordering.

Safe and secure

The integrated monitoring system, safety components and fire detection and suppression features keep your data safe and secure.

Your Micro Data Centre can be configured with a range of options for access control including:

• numeric coded lock

• unique key

• RFID card reader

• biometric entry with numeric coded lock.

The integrated rack-mount UPS provides up to 15 minutes of battery backup to protect the integrity of your data.

Low total cost of ownership

The modular nature of the Micro Data Centre allows units to be deployed singly or in multiples of 2, 4 or 6 units. This reduces your initial infrastructure spend and allows for additional capacity to be added as and when required.

Larger scale edge data centre solutions

For more extensive edge data centre requirements, Rittal have an alternative to expensive bespoke data centre construction. Their RiMatrix S range of mass-produced data centres allows enterprise-grade data storage and compute capabilities to be installed almost anywhere.

As with the Micro Data Centre, the RiMatrix S is a fully integrated solution. Power, cooling, monitoring, networking and security are all integrated. The RiMatrix S is also scalable and can be provided in units of 6, 9, 12 or 18 42U racks. The system is designed to allow easy installation into new or existing rooms and can also be supplied as a containerised system. This allows for external installation and maximum portability.

To find out more about the RiMatrix S and how it can be configured to meet the needs of your business, please contact UPS Systems.

Get expert support and advice for your on-premises edge data centre installation.

Our expertise and product knowledge means that we can support you in selecting the right solution for your needs. For more information on Rittal’s Micro Data Centre products or how our wide range of data centre and server products can support your business, please contact UPS Systems. You can find more information on the Edge Data Centres here. We offer a wide range of UPS systems, which could be used to support an edge data centre, from a varitey of manufacturers including Riello UPS, Eaton UPS, Vertiv UPS and APC UPS.

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