Edge Data Centres

Rittal Edge Data Centres

As we enter an age of even great interconnectivity, due to the constant communication requirements by everything from self-driving cars to high definition streaming, the time of cloud computing’s large data centres is coming to an end. With communication requirements becoming faster and faster, edge data centres are going to take a more central role in how computers communicate with each other.

Edge data centres offer many advantages to businesses. By having information nearer to the clients that need it, organizations can save money on data costs, lessen inactivity, and enhance security. Utilizing Rittal’s smaller scale server farm items your business can install an edge data centre, these units are anything but difficult to arrange and can be conveyed and be online inside weeks.

Data centres have traditional been lin large facilities near to the populations they provide for. One of benefits of edge data centres will be the decentralisation of online content. Currently, content can be stored miles away from potential users, this can not only slow down how quickly users can access it but can also incur charges on internet company as data is dragged through lines owned by rival companies.

What are Edge Data Centres?

The edge data center is an innovative integrated data center infrastructure solution, specifically designed for mission critical server room applications. Ease of manageability, ability to be installed locally to users and growth potential are some of the biggest benefits of going with an integrated infrastructure.

This is a complete data centre infrastructure solution offering cooling, fire detection & suppression, UPS, access control & remote monitoring all integrated together inside a rack, resulting in less footprint and hence increased cost and space savings.

Rittal, a company founded in 1961 by Friedhelm Loh, produces enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and IT infrastructure. Their specialist range of edge data centres are designed to suit a variety of requirements, from small installations to relatively larger applications.

Benefits of Edge Data Centres:

Pre-configured package for quick deployment

Modular scalable concept saves up to 50% of floor space

Closed loop cooling saves up to 30% of energy

Highly flexible 1 / 2 / 3 / 6 rack scalable solution

Effortless management with intelligent monitoring and controls

Easy to relocate