Standby Power service, maintenance and repair


All your servicing, maintenance and repair requirements from one supplier

  • Support for UPS and generators from the majority of global equipment manufacturers
  • Bring all your equipment under one contract saving you cost and system-management time
  • Rapid access to parts and engineering teams across the UK for the quickest response and repair times
  • Standby power services and contracts available to suit your system and business needs
  • 4-hour response time 24 hours a day with every contract
  • Complete system monitoring service with a REMO installation

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Ensuring that your standby power equipment is ready to operate should power fail is a vital part of your backup system management process. With many live and mechanical parts of a standby power system in continuous use, it is no surprise that key components can and will eventually fail. Investing in an annual standby power service or maintenance contract is as necessary as having your system in place, as it will ensure that all critical parts of the system are ready to operate should they be required. 

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