Micro Data Centres

A Micro Data Centre includes all the cooling, security and power supply options required for 19” racks all in a compact unit. A complete self-contained, self-sufficient solution, the micro data centre offers a convenient and cost-effective option, without compromising on features or performance.

The Micro Data Centre is ideal where space or access is limited – such office blocks, hospitals, GP surgeries, retail, industrial automation, academia, environmentally sensitive areas, etc. and is eailiy scalable, cost-effective capacity that can be installed virtually anywhere that has mains power and access for cooling pipework or ventilation.

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UPS Systems plc provides full support at every stage of getting your Micro Data Centre, from design, to installation as well as commisioning and long term maintenacne. 

A Micro Data Centre has the following benefits:

  • Complete solution– just add servers
  • Scalable – with a low cost per kW
  • Quick to install and commission – minimising disruption to your business
  • Environmentally independent– with no heat transfer to the installation environment
  • Futureproof – allowing rack densities to be increased as needs change
  • Secure – with remote monitoring and access control

Power Protection for your Data Centre

Micro Data Centers make it easy and cost effective to add data center capacity anywhere and anytime it is needed – in both IT Room and non climate controlled environments. The are customisable so you can specifiy everything from the physical enclosure, UPS, PDU, cooling, software, environmental monitoring, and security.

Larger industries are showing a shift to a decentralised, hybrid computing ecosystem. As a result, the future will see a proliferation of localized edge data centers utilizing converged and hyperconverged technologies


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