Internet of Things (IoT)

In the simplest sense, the term Internet of Things (IoT) includes every device connected to the internet, but it is now being used to define objects that communicate with servers over the internet. The Internet of Things is made up of devices, from sensors to smartphones and wearables, connected together. Some kind of data centre is required to support must IoT devices, as they often need more processing power than they have available. UPS Systems plc can help you with backup power for your devices or your data centre or we can help you with a complete design and build of your data centre.

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IoT Uninterruptible Power Supply
IoT Uninterruptible Power Supply

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UPS Systems plc are a complete independent supplier, this means no matter the project or application we will source the prodcuts for the job and not one to fill some quota. We can ensure your Internet of Things is running as it should be at all time, even in a power cut. We have access to every UPS system and generator on the market, so no matter what you need for your power protection we can get it for you.

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Internet of Things UPS Systems

 The Internet of Thing is a reletively new development, but more and more technology will be created to take advantage of it. The biggest is the self driving car. Not all the driving information will be processed in the car its self, so it will be essential for cars to communicate with each other and edge data centres using the Internet of Things.

This will mean that power protect for these systems is not only important to make them consistantly work, but critical to ensure that they are safe and put no lives in danger. 

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