Data Centre Server Racks

Without server racks, there would be no data centres. Server racks allow for the processing and storage of data. Our range of Server Racks have been designed specifically to house all industry standard servers with an overall external depth of 1000mm. They offer Increased airflow allows all equipment inside to remain cool. These server racks include all the features you need and expect like lockable and removable doors and 19" mounting profiles front and rear.


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Uninterruptible Power Supply Server Racks

Server Racks For Your Your Requirements

Within our comprehensive data centre design and build services, our offerings extend to the precise specification and installation of server racks. At UPS Systems PLC, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly guide you in sourcing the optimal server rack tailored to your unique requirements. We recognise that each setting demands a tailored approach, and our expertise ensures that your server rack not only aligns with your individual needs but also enhances the efficiency and functionality of your data centre. Your journey with us isn't just about installations, it's about crafting a system that optimally supports your technological aspirations.

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