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Pramac generators are designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications as well as for numerous residential, light construction and recreational purposes. Pramac generators range includes petrol and diesel generator sets and cleaner energy options such as gas-fueled, ethanol, biodiesel and hybrid machines. Please contact us if you require any information on these. You can find out more about Pramac generators here.

The most popular generators are 100kVa Generators, 80kVA Generators and 60kVA Generators.

We offer a range of Pramac generators that are ideal for smaller applications like home or office power generation on our website here.

If you are planning a larger application, why not request a callback or call us on 01488 680 500.

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Pramac Generator Distributor

Pramac generator has been constantly improving its expertise over the years not only designing but manufacturing and installing a range of backup power products. Thanks to its capabilities, Pramac generator can manufacture portable, mobile and stationary generators up to 4MVA.  Pramac generators work within many industries, from commerce to power plants and from transportation to telecommunications and events.

If you need help find a Pramac generator to match your individual requirements, why not contact us or fill in the form to the above. 

Who are Pramac Generators?

Pramac Generators offer a wide range of stationary generators up to 3360 kVA and are able to satisfy many requirements, regardless of the field of activity: industrial, medical, telecommunications or residential applications. Pramac generators are available in open, container and soundproof versions and can serve the most demanding customer needs with a large range of control panel solutions and many optional features and accessories.

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About Pramac Generators

Pramac generator marks its begins in 1966 when the Campinoti family founded L’Europea, a construction equipment company for the Italian market. Since then Pramac generator has been growing into the energy and material handling sector. All PRAMAC generator's resources and energies are focused on providing power for the most demanding markets. 


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