Edge Data Centre

Edge Data Centres are the future of data processing for everything from mobile apps to self-driving cars. Edge data centres work like small data centres located close to where they are required, saving the distance the data has to travel, which in turn reduces the time it takes to be processed. This will allow all kind of computer programs to work fast, therefore allowing more complicated computing. 

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Edge Data Center Uninterruptible Power Supply

Monitoring and maintenance for your edge data centre

Edge data centres are often in remote locations away from your central IT system. Because of this, remote monitoring essential to manage the uptime and efficiency of systems, especially for critical applications.

Maintenance and servicing is also an issue for companies with multiple edge installations or long distances between offices. For these cases, it can be more cost effective to establish a service and maintenance contract than relying on onsite IT teams. It is important to implement a monitoring and maintenance programme that you can trust will help to ensure your edge data centres effectively support your business.

UPS Systems plc offer a full range of maintenance options, from one-off services to critical cover 4-hour response contracts. If you need maintenance support for your edge data centre, contact us now. 


Edge Data Centre

Independent Supplier

As a completely independent supplier, we have the ability to provide the best Edge Data Centre solution to match your exact requirements. With no allegiance to any single manufacturer, we are able to select those products from our portfolio which are the best fit for your needs and budgets.

From our constantly updated product database of over 2500 products, our unique consultative approach will help select the ideal solution for your power needs at the most cost-effective level for your business. Comprehensive support can also be provided via our service, maintenance and remote monitoring programmes.


Edge Data Centre Design and Build

UPS Systems plc offer a complete edge data centre build and maintenance service. We can guide you through the whole process of designing and building an edge data centre, from where to locate it, to how big it will need to be and what functionality will be required. To start the process we offer a free site survey, so we can best understand your specification and requirements.

To get started simply contact us or fill in the form to the right. 

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