Modular Data Centre

Modular data centres are a smart and flexible installation for small and medium enterprise applications. The integration of main systems of power, cooling, racks and monitoring, the cold or hot aisle containment also provides superior air flow management to enhance cooling efficiency. A traditional data centre takes 18 to 24 months to build, while a modular datacentre requires only a few weeks or months for deployment. Modular data centres have a  fully modular design concept, so they are is flexible and allows you to add more to them as needed, with short installation time to meet the rapidly growing needs of data storage and processing.

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Modular Data Centre Uninterrupitble Power Supply
Modular Data Centre Uninterruptible Power Supply

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With a modular data centres ability to be expanded as and when it is required it is essential to ensure the area it is being placed in is suitable for the intial modular data centre design as well as any future addtions. UPS Systems plc can offer you a free site survey to assess both these requirements for you.

UPS Systems plc are a completely independent distributor of UPS systems, generators and data centres. We have over 25 years experience installing countless systems over that period, so no matter the application we will be able to help you.








Modular Data Centre Design and Build

UPS Systems plc offer a complete modular data centre design and build service as well as being able to provide a maintenacne contract. We can guide you through the whole process of designing and building a modular data centre, from where to locate it, to how big it will need to be and what functionality will be required. To start the process we offer a free site survey, so we can best understand your specification and requirements.

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