Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is short hand for the fourth version of the industrial revolution. The original one used steam power to drive mechanisation, while the second one used electricity for assembly line and mass production. Industy 3.0 was the implementation of computers into businesses and home. Industry 4.0 connects all the computers of 3.0 allowing enchanced communication, that allows for quicker decisions without involment.


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industry 4.0 Uninterruptible Power Supply
Industry 4.0 Uninterruptible Power Supply

For Industry 4.0 to work it is more important than ever for the internet to always be availble to all devices at all times. This makes power protection even more essential than ever. A UPS system is the easiest way to back up your computer and internet supply. A UPS system will not only allow Indusry 4.0 to fuction in a power cut, but it will protect the equipment from surges, etc. 

You can view are range of smaller UPS system here, these units are ideal for supporting a few electrical items, like a computer and router.

UPS Systems plc have been supplying backup power solutions for over 25 years, so we know the correct UPS specification for your requirement, where its to ensure the next industrial revolution or just to keep your office running. We know everything there is to know about power protection so we can help you with any backup power solution you might require.

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