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Industry 4.0 is short hand for the fourth version of the current industrial revolution that industries and manufacturers are operating in. The original one (Industry 1.0) used steam power to drive mechanisation, while the second one (Industry 2.0) used electricity for assembly line and mass production. Industry 3.0 was the implementation of computers into businesses and homes. Industry 4.0 connects all the computers of 3.0 allowing enhanced communication, that allows for quicker decisions without involvement (also known as automation). Electrical backup power is critical for Industry 4.0 to run smoothly as it is dependent on power from the grid.

Should Industry 4.0 not have a UPS system in place, when a power disturbance or power cut occurs this will result in damage to electronics and a halt to the industry. Our solution protects you from these problems and allows your industry to stay online and safely shutdown critical equipment causing zero damage.


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industry 4.0 Uninterruptible Power Supply
Industry 4.0 Uninterruptible Power Supply

For Industry 4.0 to work it is more important than ever for the internet to always be availble to all devices at all times. This makes power protection even more essential than ever. A UPS system is the easiest way to back up your computer and internet supply. A UPS system will not only allow Indusry 4.0 to fuction in a power cut, but it will protect the equipment from surges, etc. 

You can view are range of smaller UPS system here, these units are ideal for supporting a few electrical items, like a computer and router.

With our extensive 25-year track record of consistent supplying and servicing, UPS Systems PLC has established itself as a trusted leader in supplying cutting-edge backup power solutions. Our extensive experience enables us to precisely tailor the UPS specification to meet your specific power requirements, whether it's protecting your operations to match the growing industrial revolution or simply maintaining the functioning of your office.


With a comprehensive knowledge of the current power protection intricacies, we stand at the forefront of knowledge in this specialised field of power protection. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of power-related challenges, empowering us to guide you through selecting the ideal backup power solution. From initial consultation to implementation, and maintenance contracts. Our commitment to you ensures that your power needs are not only met but exceeded.


At UPS Systems PLC, we recognise that the modern landscape demands unwavering power and reliability. Our critical mission extends beyond providing solutions; we are dedicated to ensuring you with a robust battery backup power solution that drives your success. As your dependable partner, we take pride in delivering not just power systems, but also peace of mind.

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