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GENsmart STOR Scheme

GENsmart is a no-cost, no-risk opportunity for public and private organisations to generate regular income by running their standby generator(s) within the National Grid’s STOR scheme.



REMO® - Remote monitoring for standby power systems

REMO® Remote Monitoring is a comprehensive system that constantly monitors your standby power equipment 24 hours a day and provides immediate notification of any faults via text and email.



Software systems and remote monitoring for UPS and Generators

Information on software and remote monitoring for UPS, Generator and IT systems.


remo laptop




The IT Professional’s guide to standby power

A comprehensive information resource and guide addressing the common standby power and power protection issues faced by IT decision makers.



Understanding Standby Power

A guide to the most common power issues faced by today’s businesses and how to protect against them using a standby power solution.




UPS Batteries

A guide to UPS Batteries, their configuration and care from the UK’s leading independent supplier of standby power solutions.



UPS Bypasses

A guide to the different types of UPS Bypasses available and their function.



The edge of tomorrow: building a future proof network with edge data centres


Building in standby power redundancy for greater protection levels

Information on standby power redundancy and the benefits of having a secondary back up system to accept the power load in the event of failure.





Business continuity planning

Advice and guidance on incorporating standby power into your business continuity strategy for IT or entire infrastructure coverage.

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