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UPS Systems PLC are a distributor of Eaton UPS and we have been supplying them since we opened in 1993 over 25 years ago. Having worked with Eaton UPS for all that time has given UPS System a unique understanding of their products. As an independent supplier of Eaton UPS systems, we know what they're advantages are and what they are suited for.

You can find our small range of Eaton UPS products on our online store here. 

If you need help find an Eaton UPS to match your individual requirements, why not contact us or fill in the form to the above. 

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What Businesses are Eaton UPS suitable for?

Eaton UPS are produced for a wide range of applications, being available with different support loads and runtimes for any application.  Power cuts are an issue for any business of any size and are slowly become more of an issue for end consumers as well. Eaton UPS will have a UPS that suits your need, just contact us and we will help you find the right one. You can find out more about Eaton here.

We offer a full range of smaller Eaton UPS that are ideal for smaller applications like home or office on our website here.

If you are planning a larger application, why not request a callback or call us on 01488 680 500.


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Eaton UPS

Eaton UPS are a worldwide power management that operates in over 175 countries with over 99K employees. They design and produce power protection systems with the aim of ensuring that no one loses power when they need it. Eaton UPS provide products that are not only energy efficient but allow for their customer's power protection to be perfectly suited to them. 

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What Eaton UPS stand for

The world is constantly using power and it has never been more important to ensure your critical infrastructure and technology is backed up. Schools, offices, factories, data centers and hospitals all use the electrical grid and these are things people depend on every day.  Eaton UPS is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives and the environment in which they live with UPS technologies that are more efficient, sustainable and reliable.

Eaton UPS brand promise is simple "we make what matters work" but clearly emphases what they aim to achieve. UPS Systems is proud to provide UPS equipment with such a clear and admirable aim behind it.


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