Data Centre Fire Suppression

With countless electrical systems as well as a potential to generate a massive amount of heat, data centres are at risk from fire!

Fire suppression systems prevent or extinguish and we the spread of fire in a building. A mix of wet agents and/or dry chemicals to suppress equipment fires. Fire suppression systems stop fires in the early stages meaning the damage to building and internal systems are reduced.


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data centre fire suppression
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Fire suppression systems can be either manual or automatic. Manual ones operate with human feedback, like when a fire alarm is pressed. Automatic fire suppression systems operate without human intervention allowing a fire to be dealt with before anyone is even aware there is an issue. Automatic fire suppression systems are key to protecting data centres, as there is not always a person present to raise the alarm.

Our Fire Supression Systems

With our extensive 25-year track record of consistent supplying and servicing, UPS Systems PLC has established itself as a trusted leader in the industry. Our extensive experience enables us to precisely tailor the UPS specification and fire suppression systems to meet your specific power requirements, whether it's protecting your operations to match the growing industrial revolution or simply maintaining the functioning of your office.

UPS Systems plc can guide you through which fire suppression system you need for your requirement as well as help you decide on what other support systems you many need for your data centre.

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