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UPS Systems are the UK's largest distributor of Riello UPS and we have been their distribution partner since 2004. UPS Systems have Riello trained engineers, so in the unlikely event of a problem with your Riello UPS, we can help. As an independent supplier of Riello UPS systems, we have a great understanding of all the Riello UPS, where they are ideally suited for and all the advantages they offer.

You can find our small range of Riello UPS products on our online store here. Alternatively, you can find information on some of the larger Riello UPS ranges to the left.

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The Riello Sentryum range of UPS is the newest product release. Once again they have changed the game and adapted to new customer needs. The range is designed for sites where power capacity is limited. They provide up to 96.5% efficiency, even where sites have problems with harmonics.

The Sentryum range is available in three reduced footprint cabinet sizes to provide efficiency, convenience and space saving features. There are twelve products in the range with power ratings from 10-20 kVA. They are also compatible with both single-phase and three-phase mains power.

You can find more information and view the full range by visiting the Sentryum UPS Range page.


The Riello Multi Sentry range of UPS is available in two configurations from 10-20 kVA and 30-200 kVA across 12 models. The smaller range was replaced by the new Sentryum range of interruptible power supplies (details above). The Multi Sentry, however, is exceptionally popular with customers. They represent an excellent solution for companies due to the online double conversion system. This makes it especially suited for capacitive, high-density loads found with blade servers. The Multi Sentry range provides efficiency up to 96.5% and is suitable for lightweight industrial applications as well as more usual data centres, servers, networks and telecommunications. Find more information and view the full range by visiting the Multi Sentry UPS Range page.


The Riello Multi Power range of UPS provides a modular solution. It is best suited to large mission critical installations such as data centres, Telecoms systems, and large IT networks. Its secret and suitability is defined by its modular specification. This provides almost limitless scalability and makes it suitable for most large installations. The units provide a surprisingly small footprint for their power and efficiency. They are also highly reliable which ticks the last of the boxes most customers are looking for in this class of solution. The Multi Power range has won awards and is recognised as an excellent UPS solution. You can find more information and view the full range by visiting the Multi Power UPS Range page.


The Riello NextEnergy NXE range of UPS represents the next generation of UPS. They provide modern super efficient solutions capable of running at temperatures up to 40°C. This suits it to critical equipment in highly demanding environments. This is achieved through a forced ventilation feature that extracts heat from internal components to keep them running efficiently. They provide operating efficiency up to 97% and you can combine them together in parallel to increase capacity or add redundancy. You can find more information and view the full range by visiting the NextEnergy NXE UPS Range page.


The Riello Master HE range of UPS provides lower operating costs to deliver outstanding performance. An 100-800 kVA power range enables up to 8 units setup in parallel for increased capacity or redundancy. This delivers quality power for a range of applications including medical system protection and security systems. Further information and specification data sheets on the full range is on the Master HE UPS Range page.


The Riello Master HP range of UPS delivers maximum power, as the name suggests. It provides efficient power delivery in a compact footprint and is a popular solution. This is because it is suited to just about any critical equipment power requirement. Its scalability integrates with PowerShield3, PowerNetGuard, and the other advanced network communications software available as part of the overall range. Up to 8 units can be installed in parallel to meet growing capacity requirements or provide redundancy. The SMART Active mode provides up to 98.5% operating efficiency. Consequently, it has zero impact on connected power sources such as grid networks or generators and delivers a unity power factor. View the full range with specifications on the Master HP UPS Range page.


The Riello Sentinel Dual SDU range of UPS fills a niche in the range as the voltage is high quality output whether the load is linear or non-linear. It was designed primarily to protect blade servers and storage solutions in mission critical environments. It is also suitable for industrial machinery applications, data centres, VOIP telephone systems and IT networks. The range provides a series of versatile units that plug and play in whichever configuration you set them. They are available as either floor seated towers or in rack configuration. The Sentinel Dual SDU UPS range is also very reliable with hot swappable batteries and inbuilt battery testing. They can achieve 92% operating efficiency and feature programable operating modes to achieve the best performance for customers’ specific applications. The units also integrate in the range with PowerShield3, PowerNetGuard, and the other advanced network communications software. View more features and full specifications on the Sentinel Dual SDU UPS Range page.

What Businesses are Riello UPS for?

Riello UPS allow all businesses and organisations of all sizes and structures to protect their critical infrastructure against power cuts and surges. All businesses from start-ups, small-to-medium sized operations, and multi-national corporations including household names, public services and government departments can benefit from a Riello UPS. You can find out more about Riello UPS here.

We offer a full range of smaller Riello UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that are ideal for smaller applications like home or office on our website here.

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Riello UPS Efficiency

Riello UPS have an award-winning range of uninterruptible power supplies that can be specified for use across most business-critical data centres and servers in use. In an age where demand for both storage and processing capacity continues to increase, energy management is becoming more and more important. 

Riello UPS' research and development team is constantly striving to improve efficiency for all their UPS across in the critical power protection sector. They were the first European UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) manufacturer to implement an Eco Energy Level rating, which demonstrates the great environmental performance of their products.


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Riello UPS are one of the largest producers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in the world. Riello UPS are constantly being redesigned to include the latest advance in technology to allow for much-improvedperformance, reliability, and efficiency. All of their products are designed and manufactured in-house and are only sold by approved distributors, with UPS Systems being one for over 15 years.

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