Standby Diesel Generators & Backup Power Solutions

UPS Systems plc supply the UK’s widest selection of commercial generators from 8kVA to 2MVA. Completely independent, our strength lies in our ability to provide a product solution matched to your exact requirements.

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200kva diesel generator

Backup Generator Soloutions

With no allegiance to any single manufacturer, we are able to choose those products from our portfolio which are the best fit for your needs.

From a constantly updated product database of over 2500 products, our unique consultative approach will help you to select the ideal generator, creating a tailor-made solution at the most cost-effective level for your business.

Most products are available direct from stock or can be made to order according to your specifications and can be supported by our range of maintenance, service and remote monitoring programmes.

Generators from UPS Systems plc:

  • UPS Systems plc supply, lease and hire the UK’s widest selection of commercial generators of all sizes up to 2MVA.
  • We take into account current usage, any future expansion plans and offer help and advice on site location, planning applications and installation.
  • We install generators in extreme and unusual locations, including all the facilitating work and ground works.
  • We also offer REMO® remote monitoring for all generators.
  • All of our generators are compliant with STOR, Triad and DEFRA EU Emissions TS.

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Our commercial units

Our larger industrial units can range from 8kVA to 30kVA and above for small office systems, and up to 2MVA for large office complexes, data centres and manufacturing plants.

Where large battery banks supporting a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) need to be avoided because of space limitations, cost or weight, or where runtimes of more than half a day are required, a generator is usually the best solution for long-term standby power.

Selection of Generators

Many people miscalculate when trying to size the diesel generator power they require. This can be a daunting process and, without expert knowledge, can create an expensive problem. Factors such as surge current, synchronisation, harmonics, operating temperature and future capacity need to be considered.

UPS Systems plc’s experienced sales engineers can provide all the guidance required to match the right generator to your business needs. They will take into account current usage, any future expansion plans and can provide guidance and help on site location, planning applications and installation from the provision of a mounting plinth through to cabling, installation and commissioning.

100kva diesel generator
200kva diesel generator

Generator fuels - Diesel or natural gas

Diesel is the most common fuel used in generators due to its low flammability and stability over time. Natural gas generators are also commonly available and although the engine is slightly de-rated to accommodate the lower calorific value of gas vs. diesel these are as equally effective as standby power solutions where it is the right match for a particular installation.

In cases where it’s not possible to situate an oil tank nearby, nor use natural gas, then bottled gas is an alternative.

UPS Systems plc supply a range of different generator manufacturers including AKSA GeneratorsHyundai Generators and Pramac Generators.

Meeting regulatory requirements

Current UK fuel storage regulations are often difficult to interpret and act upon correctly to meet current guidelines. Determining if your current system is fully compliant can also be a challenge in itself.

For more information on current fuel storage regulations for generators click here.

UPS Systems plc have many years of expertise in the safe supply and installation of diesel generators and fuel storage systems. Familiar with current legislation and regulations, we can advise on any measures which need to be put in place to ensure you comply with all current legislation.

UPS Systems plc offers a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies including those from Riello UPSAPC UPS and Eaton UPS as well as the UPS battery packs designed to go with them. We also offer various diesel generators including 60kva generator80kva generator and 100kva generator from a wide range of manufacturers including AKSA generator and Pramac generator.

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