UPS Battery replacement, supply and disposal

UPS Systems provide a FULL battery replacement service independent of the size or configuration of unit.

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UPS Battery Replacement, Repair, Dispose

UPS Systems provide a FULL battery replacement service independent of the size or configuration of unit.

If you need a small battery for your APC Smartups or a full battery change for your 500KVA Chloride UPS then UPS Systems can help.

We provide replacement UPS batteries for all of the major manufacturers including AEC, APC, Chloride, Eaton Powerware, Emerson, Liebert, GE Digital Energy, MGE, Riello, Socomec … and many more.

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How to order UPS Battery replacement, supply and disposal?

Is your UPS 2kVA and under?

Please follow this link to be taken to partners site that specialise in smaller UPS batteries.

Is your UPS larger than 2kVA?

All sizes, configurations and makes of battery can be ordered from us but to ensure that you are being provided with the correct unit or to enquire about “alternative” units please phone our battery service line on 01488 680530.

UPS Battery Disposal service

Batteries must be disposed of safely to protect the environment. Battery disposal is governed by statutory Special Waste Regulations and must follow prescribed methods; if you do not have this facility we can remove them and dispose of them safely on your behalf.

To discuss battery replacement or testing and the safe disposal of old equipment or to request service information sheets or pricing, please contact our service team via the telephone, or our online web form.

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