Eaton, as a company, prides themselves on their efforts to be responsible developers of technology with an ethical approach. This reputation has helped the company grow into a multi-faceted business that specialises in hydraulic, aerospace and plastic solutions. But, as they say themselves, “Everything we experience in our modern world is made possible by power”.

Which is why they have also worked to become a major influencer in the uninterruptible power supply market with their designs focused to align with the company’s strong values.

These company values are why Eaton UPS systems are designed to be extremely energy efficient, offering additional wattage and even some key innovations like energy metering (a feature exclusive to the Eaton 110V 5PX 1.5KVA UPS) that allows you to meter energy consumption right down to the outlets. If you’re in need of a specialist product with a strong ethical grounding, Eaton is the UPS provider for you.

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