AKSA 80kva Generator


80kVA Generator

Standby: 70.4kW/88kVA

Prime: 64kW/80kVA

Engine: Perkins 1104A-44TG2

Controller: DSE6020


Full Specification

AKSA 80kva Generator

Pramac GSW80P

80kVA Generator

Standby: 66kW/83kVA

Prime: 62kW/78kVA

Engine: UK Built Perkins 1104A-44TG2

Controller: COMAP AC03


Full Specification

80kVA Generator FAQ

1. What is the typical size of a 80kVA Generator?

2,500mm long x 1,000mm wide x 1,550mm high

2. What is the typical mass of a 80kVA Generator?

1,350kg without fuel

3. What is the typical fuel tank capacity of a 80kVA Generator?

150 litres

4. What is the typical run time of a 80kVA Generator?

8 hours full load

5 . What is the typical fuel consumption of a 80kVA Generator?

18 litres of fuel per hour

6 . What is the typical sound attenuation of a 80kVA Generator?

76 dBA at 1 meter and 62 dBA at 7 meters (dBA (A-weighted decibels) is an expression of the relative loudness of sounds as perceived by the ear)

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80kVA generators are one of the most popular standby generators. These diesel generators are rated over the 80kVA for prime use (normally 85-90Kva), however standby by generators are rated slightly under their prime vaule for stanby power. This is to account for an extra power requirments of equipment loading up, after a power cut. 

You can find our 80kva Generators here:

AKSA 80kVA Generator

Pramac 80kVA Generator

A standby 80kva generator is a backup electrical system that operates automatically, within seconds of an outage an automatic transfer switch (ATS) senses the power loss and starts the generator. This can be paired with a UPS system to ensure the load isn't dropped at all, not even for a second. The standby generator then begins supplying power to the connected equipment. After the mains power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the load back to the mains and the standby 80kVA generator is shut off.

We offer generators from a range of manufacturers including AKSA Generators and Pramac Generators. If you are looking for a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to work with you standby generator for a instant switch over, we supply UPS from Riello UPS, APC UPS and more.

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