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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Batteries

How important is frequent testing for UPS Batteries?

While the majority of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) available today will be able to monitor the voltage of a battery string, they do not monitor single cells and this can mean that if you aren’t careful you’ll need to replace a whole string of batteries and not just the single bad cell.

This is why proper battery testing is imperative for keeping your costs down, as shown below. The savings from appropriate diligence are considerable.*


Battery CostEngineer CostBattery Disposal CostTOTAL
Full Battery String Replacement£2,900£745£375£4,020
Single Bad Cell Replacement£80£360£20£460
SAVING   £3,560

*Prices are an estimate, please contact us using the form to the right for accurate pricing.

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How does the UPS Battery test work?

The method to check each individual battery is known as a battery impedance test, conducted annually, and gives you a better picture of the battery’s health over time.

As we test each individual battery rather than the string itself, we’ll see if any faults are likely by how the battery is currently functioning and can replace any faulty parts before they cause a problem. You’ll still need to swap every battery eventually, but through regular tests you can ensure your UPS will function when you most need it and avoid any unnecessary costs.

The duration of the UPS battery test is obviously dependent on the size of the unit and how many batteries will need to be tested but will likely take between 2-3 hours. The test requires a fully qualified engineer due to the high voltages involved within a UPS unit and must be conducted by a professional.

By contacting us here we can schedule an annual check of your UPS battery, UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) or diesel generator to ensure your system is in perfect working order and limit the dangers of developing a fault. Save time and money with UPS Systems battery testing.


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