Covid Vaccine Production Facility Backup Power

As the demand for access to the Covid vaccine increases, it is imperative to keep the Covid Vaccine Production Facilities operational. With the operation of these facilities likey to reach 24/7 in the near future, each Covid Vaccine Production Facility will require protection from loss of power to allow them to continue. Power Protection will be required to support functions ranging from basic heating & lighting up to critical IT & Healthcare specific applications.


Covid testing centre backup power


A UPS system will provide short-term no-break backup power for several minutes to protect against short long power cuts or to ensure equipment is shut down safely, as well as protecting against data corruption. For prolonged power outages, a standby generator can be installed to provide longer-term support once the UPS system has powered through the initial loss of utility power.

UPS Systems plc can provide both the UPS & Generator, along with all the necessary ancillary equipment and installation services, required to provide complete protection against a mains power outage to any COVID Vaccine Production Facility. Call us on 01488 680 500 to find out more.

Covid testing station backup power


The size and vulnerability of a Covid Vaccine Production Facility will affect the kind of backup power it will require. Some of the proposed locations for Covid Vaccine Production Facilities are at locations with little or no existing infrastructure such as public car parks. Existing Centres may have a backup power solution already, but this will need to be assessed to confirm that it is capable of supporting the load of the additional Covid Vaccine Production Facility. UPS Systems plc offers surveys to ascertain the suitability of any existing backup power infrastructure and propose any solution required to ensure adequate backup power is in place.


Covid testing station backup power

How UPS Systems plc can help?


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems

We advise on the best UPS units and batteries from the UK’s widest range of suppliers. UPS Systems plc give impartial advice and use our unique database that has been built over 25 years to source a tailored UPS solution for any Covid Vaccine Production Facility . We supply, lease and hire modular, standalone and containerised UPS units from 330VA to > 1MVA. UPS Systems plc work with Riello UPS, Eaton, APC and more to find the correct UPS for you. Our own remote monitoring system, REMO Net® monitors critical infrastructure 24 hours a day and provides immediate notification of any faults via our own in house monitoring centre. This will ensure that the power will be onsite when you need it.


UPS Systems plc supply, lease and hire the UK’s widest selection of commercial generators of all sizes up to 2MVA. We take into account current usage, any future expansion plans and offer help and advice on-site location, planning applications and installation for Covid Vaccine Production Facility . We install generators in extreme and unusual locations, including all facilitating work and groundwork. We also offer REMO Net® remote monitoring for all generators. All of our generators are compliant with STOR, Triad and DEFRA EU Emissions TS. Generators will support a Vaccine Hub for as long as is required.

Service and Maintenance

With engineers all over the UK, UPS Systems plc provides service and maintenance for UPS units, generators, and other critical infrastructure key to a Vaccine Production Facility. We make sure that your backup power solution is there when you need it. For Covid Vaccine Production Facility that are running 24/7 it is really important to keep the power protection systems well maintained.

• 24/7 engineer availability/telephone support

• Up to 4 hour response time to faults

• Planned preventative maintenance visits

• Power surveys

• Load bank testing

• Battery replacements

• REMO Net® remote monitoring

• Asset management.

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