Eaton UPS 9355

The Eaton UPS 9355 (formerly Powerware UPS 9355) provides premium double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for IT and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, healthcare, banking and industrial applications. Packing maximum battery runtime into a very small footprint, this UPS system is a complete three-phase power protection solution. The Eaton UPS 9355 can be equipped with an integrated, customisable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch.


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Eaton UPS 9355

The Eaton UPS 9355 includes the following key features: 

  • Compact tower form factor offers up to 75% smaller footprint and 13% more power capacity than comparable UPSs for industry-leading power density.
  • All-in-one design with internal batteries and integrated power distribution module with maintenance bypass switch delivers a complete power protection solution in one box for simplified installation.
  • Double-conversion topology provides complete power protection, isolating valuable IT equipment from all nine of the most common power problems.
  • High 0.9 output power factor for more real power in less space.
  • Internal batteries on all standard configurations support up to 350% more runtime than comparable UPS.
  • Scalable 10 kVA and 20 kVA configurations can be upgraded to provide 50% more power without additional hardware.

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The Eaton UPS 9355's double conversion topology provides the highest level of protection available by isolating the output power from all input anomalies.

With its transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry the Eaton UPS 9355 delivers an efficiency of up to 93% and active power factor correction (PFC) provides unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and less than 4,5% input ITHD, thus enhancing compatibility with generators and eliminating interference with other critical equipment in the same network.

This UPS system enables optimal power protection for modern 0,9p. f. rated IT equipment without the need to oversize.

The Eaton UPS 9355 design is also available with 1 phase output (9155) at 20-30kVA power ratings.

The Eaton UPS 9355 connectivity options guarantee a smooth integration with various application systems requirements.
Bundled with Eaton Software Suite the Eaton UPS 9355 provides an orderly network shutdown in an event of extended power outage. If required, the Eaton UPS 9355 can also be integrated to network management, industrial automation and building management systems.

Eaton UPS 9355
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The Eaton UPS 9355 is ideal power protection for:

  • Financial services
  • Medium size servers and computers
  • ICT
  • Critical building infrastructure
  • Industrial applications

The Eaton UPS 9355 features high up to 93% efficiency, thus reducing utility costs, extending battery runtimes and producing cooler operating conditions.

Compact space with an efficient tower design the Eaton UPS 9355 offers smaller foot-print enabling easy data centre space-planning and preserving the valuable raised-floor real estate.

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