Emergency Lighting UPS (Uninterrptible Power Supplies)

When specifying a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for Emergency Lighting applications, a Static Inverter will be used to maintain power to lighting for a period of 1 hour or 3 hours (depending on specification - as per EN 50171:2001).

BS EN 50171:2001 specifies the requirements for how long emergency lighting is on, how bright it is and more.

A UPS can be used to support these loads, however, it will typically be a specially designed version to meet the requirements of EN 50171:2001.
A standard UPS will not meet this specification, and should not be used for safety applications, so it is imperative a static inverter is used instead.

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A static inverter may also be suitable for use with other systems such as:

  • Fire Saftey (Extinguishing Systems, Lifts, Smoke Extraction)
  • Paging/Signalling Systems
  • Specialist Warning Systems (e.g. Carbon Monoxide Monitoring)

A standard UPS will never meet EN 50171:2001, and should not be used for life-safety applications.

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