Riello UPS Master HE

The Riello UPS Master HE ranges delivers outstanding performance at lower operating costs, is a very efficient UPS systems and is the perfect option for protecting critical and industrial loads.

The Riello UPS Master HE range has a power range of 100-800 kVA, so up to 8 units can be installed in parallel to increase capacity or redundancy depending on the power specifications.

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Riello UPS Master HE
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The Riello UPS Master HE range integrates with Riello UPS full suite of monitoring and networking software such as PowerNetGuard and PowerShield3.

Product Features:

  • Operational efficiency up to 95.5%
  • Up to 8 Master HE can be installed in parallel for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Delivers quality power in mission-critical environments like data centres, telecoms networks, security systems, electro-medical devices, and industrial applications

Suitable for:

  • Data Centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Light Industrial Applications
  • Networks & Servers

The Riello UPS Master HE uses advanced online double conversion technologies to protect data centres, IT and telecommunications networks, electro-medical devices, security systems, and industrial loads from blackouts and other damaging power disturbances.

These UPS systems have IGBT-based rectifier that produces far greater operational efficiency compared against the more conventional thyristor-based systems. In online mode, it has an operational efficiency of 95.5% when compared with transformerless UPS power supplies.

Providing a unity power factor, the Riello UPS Master HE includes an output isolation transformer which offers better load protection, enables the UPS to be supplied from two independent lines, and guarantees higher immunity to any harmonics generated by the load.

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Users can manually select or programme a variety of operating modes that improve system performance or efficiency of the Riello UPS Master HE: 

  • Online Mode: maximum load protection and output voltage quality 
  • Eco Mode: maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by the mains only 
  • Smart Active Mode: UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of the incoming supply 
  • Standby Off Mode: for loads such as emergency lighting, which don’t need power until the mains supply fails 
  • Frequency Converter Mode: enables the output frequency to be different to the UPS input frequency 


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