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The Riello UPS Multi Sentry Range is a set of 12 UPS from 10-200 kVA designed for sites that have limited power capacity or problems with harmonics. The Riello UPS Multi Sentry Range is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase mains power and proved up to 96.5% efficiency. The online double conversion system is one of the best uninterruptible power supplies for powering capacitive, high-density loads like in blade servers. 10-20kva Multi Sentry UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) has been replaced with the Riello UPS Sentryum.

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The Riello UPS Multi Sentry has a fully controlled IGBT rectifier to minimize the impact on the grid. It is controlled by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) microprocessor, to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on supported equipment.

Product Features:

  • Operating efficiency up to 96.5%
  • One of the smallest footprints in its category
  • Compatible with single-phase or three-phase mains supply
  • Suitable for powering capacitive, high-density loads such as blade servers

Suitable for:

  • Data Centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Light Industrial Applications
  • Networks & Servers

For larger installations, up to six Riello UPS Multi Sentry units can be paralleled together in either capacity (N) or redundant (N+) configuration because it is a closed loop system, protection continues even if the connection cables are interrupted. 

Battery reliability is improved by a high-frequency charger, which reduces damaging ripple current, and temperature compensation that minimises the risk of overheating. The runtimes can be extended by installing larger battery cabinets. 

The Riello UPS Multi Sentry easily integrates with Riello UPS’s wide range of advanced communications software such as PowerShield3, which allows for the safe and easy management and shutdown of all connected equipment. 

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The Riello UPS Multi Sentry series delivers in one of the smallest footprints you’ll find in similar powered UPS systems. Just 0.26m2 for a 20 kVA plus batteries or 0.37m2 for a 40 kVA with batteries, which frees up valuable space for extra server racks or countless other uses.

They can work in any of the following modes:  

  • Online Mode: maximum load protection and output voltage quality 
  • Eco Mode: maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by the mains only 
  • Smart Active Mode: UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of the incoming supply 
  • Standby Off Mode: for loads such as emergency lighting, which don’t need power until the mains supply fails 
  • Frequency Converter Mode: enables the output frequency to be different to the UPS input frequency 

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If the Riello UPS Multi Sentry isn't what you are looking for, you can find the full Riello UPS range here. Alternatively we offer Eaton UPS, APC UPS and Vertiv UPS, as well as may other manufacturers.

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