Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU

The Riello UPS Sentinel Dual (SDU) are capable of a high-quality output voltage even with non-linear loads, the Riello UPS Sentinel Dual (Low Power) is a UPS power supply designed to protect blade servers and storage, VoIP telephone systems, IT network, and industrial machinery.

It is a versatile single-phase, plug and play product can be installed as a floor-standing tower or rack-mounted in19-inch cabinets and comes with hot-swappable batteries and inbuilt battery testing functionality for added reliability.

The Riello UPS Sentinel Duel SDU can achieve 92% operating efficiency, it comes with several programmable operating modes to enhance performance and minimise power consumption



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Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU Group
Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU

The Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU range integrates with PowerShield3, PowerNetGuard, and other advanced network communications software available from Riello UPS.

This unit is available in 1000-3000 VA versions, this plug and play power supply can be installed in virtually any environment as either a floor-standing tower or rack-mounted in 19-inch cabinets.

The Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU has advanced inverter technologies ensure a 0.9 output power factor and operating efficiency of up to 92%, with components can operate at high temperatures of up to 40oC and load-controlled fans ensure distraction-free noise levels of less than 40 dBA.

Suitable for:

  • Data Centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Light Industrial Applications
  • Comms Rooms
  • Networks & Servers

You can download the datasheet for the Riello UPSSentinel Dual SDU here.

To see our range of single phase Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU's click here.

The Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU as many benefits including: 

  • Versatile tower or rackmount-style UPS with user-friendly plug and play installation
  • Range of programmable operating modes (i.e. Eco mode, Smart Active)
  • Operating efficiency of up to 92%
  • Available with additional battery boxes to deliver extended runtime

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