UPS Remote Monitoring Service

It is important to ensure that not only are all these systems are working, but that they are working holistically to maintain the uptime and efficiency of your power protection equipment. UPS Systems plc can supply you with power protection infrastructure management hardware and software designed to provide a neutral monitoring platform. Using both your internal network and/or the WAN, it can be configured to provide customisable graphical displays and reports. Real time and historical data allow power, temperature, security and more to be monitored. System information can be displayed alongside more traditional asset register data for a comprehensive monitoring solution.


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UPS System Remote Monitoring
UPS System Remote Monitoring

Which UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) can be Remote Monitored

Fore-warned is forearmed, and when it comes to your uninterrupted power supply system, keeping an eye on its condition is a vital part of ensuring you’ll have power in the event of an emergency. UPS Remote Monitoring is often included as a software or service with certain UPS systems in order to ensure the user is aware of any dangers or faults as they arise. Up to date monitoring can help limit UPS repair and maintenance costs by informing you of the unit’s condition before a problem can arise.

If one is not provided within the UPS itself, we would strongly advise purchase of a relevant system.

If you are looking for a UPS to monitor you can shop by brand here: Riello UPS, Eaton UPS, Vertiv UPS and APC UPS.

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Netbiter Remote Management

Netbiter Gateway communicates constantly with your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system in order to automatically detect any error or alarm messages. In the event of an incident being detected, automatically contacts you via email.
A Netbiter communication gateway connects to your equipment in the field. The gateway sends data via the mobile phone network or Ethernet to the Netbiter data centre in the cloud. All data is encrypted. The Netbiter data centre is a secure, cloud-based hosting service where all your data is stored and accessed at

Netbiter Remote Management is compatible with a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems and generators, including Riello UPS, APC UPS, AKSA generators and Pramac generators.

Netbiter Remote Management is packaged in two different services that meet different user requirements.

VIEW AND CONTROL: (ONE USER - ONE SITE) Monitor and control equipment via online dashboards, trend graphs, and alarms for one user and one site. The View and Control service package is included with the purchase of your Netbiter Gateway.

Includes all the View and Control features but offers much more. Manage several sites, equip-ment and users. Take advantage of the easy and fast deployment features. Manage and Analyse is a paid subscription service.

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